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Your Reality is an Illusion

 The World You Live In Is Not What It Seems To Be…

In fact your “reality” is really just an illusion.

“You Are Really a Powerful Being….

You Can Create Anything Your Heart Desires”

You have hidden all your creative power within you and it is your birth right to reclaim it at anytime you want.

When you choose to reclaim your creative power, you will  witness your life transform into a life of  Happiness, Health Wealth and Abundance.

You might find it difficult to believe that your reality is an illusion, but the truth is, it is.

The world you exist in, is really an illusionary holographic virtual reality game. A game developed for the real you “the soul” to enhance its creative skills and discover its full potential as a creator.

The more awareness you have in the game, the better player you become.

Virtual World

Second life – A virtual reality world on the internet for people to play in, our world is no different.

The Human Experience game can be tricky  as most of its players don’t even know that they are playing a game

There are three levels to the Human Experience game.

Level 1 We are born completely asleep with no idea of who we really are, experiencing a world that is totally the opposite to our true state of being. An opposite world of limitations, restrictions, separateness and powerlessness. A world that we believe to be real that creates our experiences instead of us as souls creating it.

Level 2 We start to awaken and believe our soul has reincarnated into many hierarchical multi dimensions of light and dark. Where we gain learning, and resolve karmic issues to ascend into  higher dimensions of higher learning. Planet earth is the nursery school of the universe where we learn lessons and repay karmic debt.

Level 3 We are powerful, adventurous warriors that have boldly gone where no other souls have gone before. We have taken on the ultimate experience of being everything opposite to who we really are and hidden all our creative power deep within ourselves. We  then come to the self-realization that in fact, we are more than what we think we are and awaken from a deep hypnotic trance. Thus reclaiming our creative power and aligning ourselves as souls back to our true state of being  of  love, joy, excitement, passion and abundance, etc. whereby we express that state of being  as a physical reality.

Our motto is “Infinity and Beyond

Are you ready to play the game at level 3 and see the world from a totally different perspective. To return to your real state of being, and experience a reality of  love, joy, excitement, passion and abundance.

You have the chance to  make a life changing choice right now.

You can click on the BLUE PILL and leave the website and carry on playing the game at level 1 or 2.

Or you can click on the RED PILL and find out how deep the truth goes and change your life forever!!

blue pill Red Pill

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