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Info Crystal Energy Grids


Crystal Energy Grids

As we know, all physical matter at the atomic scale, is really energy vibrating and energy is information.

Therefore, there is NO SOLID MATTER only information expressing itself.

Crystal Grid StarBasically, we live in a digital universe, a universe that is built from information, whereby the information determines what will be expressed and what state of being that expression will be. You can have two identical buildings with the same architectural structure, but yet they both can have different states of being.

The state of being is the energetic frequency of the building, it can be of a positive nature or of a negative nature. The state of being of a building is no different to us, it is determined by its past experiences. In other words, what it was used for, how it was treated, what type of people lived or worked there, basically what type of environment it was subjected to.

All physical matter has a state of being, because all matter in the universe is consciousness and consciousness is the fundamental energy field of all matter. This is why some buildings that you enter does not feel right to you, you feel uncomfortable and want to leave, it is in that very same way when you meet someone for the first time, you don’t know why but something just does not feel right.

There are certain gifted people who can tap into the consciousness of a building and read its information and know its past experiencesHowever, most people do not have this certain gift and live their life oblivious to the fact that they are connected to and communicating with the consciousness of a building, may it be at their home or a place of work.

Through this connection we are transmitting and receiving information to and from the building and  that information has a huge effect on our lives on a daily basis. In fact, our very state of being, mind, emotions, behaviors, actions, business, and FUTURE OUTCOMES are literally affected by this connection to the consciousness of a building that we live or work in.

One of the best transmitters and receivers of consciousness information is water and our bodies  are made up of 70% water.

There has been many different experiments to show how information can determine the structure of the crystalline structure in frozen water. When negative information is received by the frozen water, the crystalline structure can disfigure. Whereas, when positive information is received, it enhances the original shape and beauty of the crystalline structure.

If we take into consideration that the drinking water in some countries is recycled water and a lot of recycled water is used in farming. We can conclude by the scientific experiments that there is a possibility that the water that flows into our homes and business could be carrying information from other people’s thoughts, emotions and beliefs, Therefore, the information within the water can affect us if  absorbed through the consumption of food and water.

And what about all the other liquid we consume, fizzy cold drinks, fruit juices, beers, wine ect. What information have they picked up on their travels?  And that’s not all, what about the information the water picks up on the way to us as it passes through the underground pipes. The pipes are normally sharp bends of restriction and not flow bends as in a river.

You might say, hey Paul, the recycled water is treated before it is used, and yes, you will be correct.

However,  just because the physical and chemical structure is changed, does not mean its state of being has changed. Its state of being is its information of consciousness and the state of being has been determined by its past environment.

And what about the chemicals they use to recycle, is its information a good vibration for our being?

Somehow I do not think so.

One thing I must make clear and that is, that it’s the state of being of any matter – that determines its consciousness vibration. Any physical matter that we as humans come in contact with, can have an effect on our own consciousness, therefore, have an effect on our lives and business, as it is our consciousness and our business consciousness that will determine  our life experiences and business successes.

Watch this video to understand more about how water holds memories.


Anyway, enough about water, the point I am trying to make here is that there is a ton of  informational energy in your  home or business that has been imprinted there from water, clothes, food, past occupants, and not to mention every person who enters your home or business and leaves their informational energy behind; their energy then becomes part of ours.

Trust me, how do you feel after someone has been off loading all their problems to you – DRAINED!!!!

Places can hold memories of hundreds, if not thousands of years ago; and if it is unpleasant memories, you will find ghosts, entities and negative energies that will affect you, your pets, your family and your business.

I am telling you the truth “THE SUCCESS OF YOUR BUSINESS” is determined by its vibratory frequency of the informational data stored in the collective  consciousness of the business. I.e. Building, environment, owners, employees and customers.  Your  home is no different, it is also the informational data stored in the collective consciousness of the home that determines the happiness of the home and the people who live there.

I must admit that this all sounds a bit scary.  So what can you do about it?

You can Feng Shui your home or business, play high vibratory music, burn incense sticks, clean out all clutter and meditate for 2 hours daily to raise the energy of the home or business.

This can all turn out to be very time-consuming and very expensive, especially Feng Shui.  All of this is good, but in my opinion, it is not enough.

Even if you did meditate 2 hours a day, what kind of day did you have before you meditated, was it peaceful or stressful?

Whatever emotions you are feeling before you meditate, you will send that vibration to the area that you have targeted and if it is of a low vibratory nature, you will enhance and empower the negative information of the targeted area, which will in-turn be recycled back to you.

If you are like 99% of people in this world, then the chances are that you are stressed most of the time, so this is not going to work for you.

So what is the answer?

Crystal Worlds has the solution, it is called a “Oneness Crystal Energy Grid”

This unique “Oneness Crystal Energy Grid” is laid around your home or business and acts as an amplifier to receive and enhance Oneness energy that is directed to it daily by us through meditation with the aid of SAI; a Oneness being. This process creates a vortex of high vibratory energy to the specific area.

As the Oneness energy is directed and absorbed by the targeted area, the vibration of the area is increased dramatically, thus removing the negative energies, such as entities, ghost and past and present negative information.  The targeted area becomes cleansed and transformed into a high vibratory state, whereby a more peaceful and abundant environment is created.

The new high vibratory environment will be absorbed into all the occupants who are under the crystal energy grid, thus creating an abundant and peaceful state of being for all. Which of course will be reflected in their lives and the business consciousness.

It is also important  to mention that animals, especially horses, dogs, cats, etc., respond very well to the Oneness crystal energy grids, in fact, they seem to adapt much quicker to the new energy than most human beings.

Why is this you may ask?

The answer is simple, the human being has a personality construct, an ego that is more than likely negative in nature. Unfortunately, the negative personality has a habit of getting  in its own way and resist the transformation of the crystal energy grid.

The negative personality construct of a human being consists of negative beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors that  it has attained through various  life experiences since childhood. When the vibration of the crystal energy grid increases, some of these past negative programming  might come up to be let go of.

The Secret of Manifestation book

Because of this interference from the negative personality construct, we at Crystal Worlds give  a free CD with every crystal energy grid installed. The CD contains the eBook ‘The Secret of Manifestation’ and process audio’s that has all the information and processes of manifestation. This very profound and powerful information, will assist everyone under the grid to let go of old programming and transform their state of being to a more healthier and abundant state.

Once this occurs, everyone will then see their new state of being reflected back to them as new  positive life experiences of health, wealth and abundance.

As this is the golden rule of creation “What you put out you get back”.

Businesses work in a similar way, the only difference is, the owners of the business are the epicenter of the business consciousness and when they let go of the old programming and enter a state of peace and abundance, the business consciousness follows suit.

Anyone or anything that is not in alignment with the new positive business consciousness, either transforms or falls away.

We will also register you on our special database, whereby you will receive the following extra bonuses.

Check BoxA meditation blindfold. Blind fold

Check BoxTwo brain entertainment audio’s that will take you quickly into theta and delta brain states.

Check BoxRelaxation meditation audio to take you into a very relaxed and altered state of being that can be used in conjunction with all the other audio processes, whereby it will give you a much more profound experience.

Check BoxA very powerful process to help you train yourself to keep focus and eliminate mind chatter and mind wandering while visualizing.

Check Box A very powerful process to help train you to enhance your feeling to the highest possible level when meditating and visualizing which is a very important aspect when manifesting through visualization.

Check BoxThe Oneness Pendant meditation that is undoubtedly the most powerful meditation I have ever used to raise my vibration of my soul and accelerate the opening of the Star Gate portal to infinite abundance.

Once you are registered on our database as a crystal energy grid owner, you will also receive up-to-date information on manifestation and full back up from us to help you with your transformation.

Click here to see how the Crystal Energy Grid has transformed people’s lives.

Click here for the Benefits you Will Gain After Installing a Crystal Energy Grid

Contact Paul on 011 452 7906 or 082 859 7808  for a quotation and more information, or contact us by email.

For those who do not live in Johannesburg, but reside in South Africa, please contact us, as we travel all over the country and we do many crystal energy grids off plan.

For those that live outside South Africa and wish to experience the same results as our crystal energy grid, please visit our website

+We have developed a Oneness pendant that we direct the Oneness energy in the same way that we direct the Oneness energy to the crystal energy grid.

The only difference is that the Oneness pendant is more of a personal development tool, rather than a group tool like the Oneness crystal energy grid.

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