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Crystal Energy Grids Testimonials

We have received many testimonials and comments, but we can only edit a few of then. We have chosen these for variety so the readers can see how versatile our fields are. Thank you to all who have taken the time to give us feed back.


The Crystal field has removed my writer’s block.

My Relationship with my wife has improved ten fold.

My finances has increased dramatically.

Our Health and well being has changed for the best.

I feel less stressed.

I have found Peace.

I am so inspired to take on new projects.

I have discovered a new me.

My energy levels are very high.

I have finally found the courage to leave my abusive husband, I should have done this two years ago.

My psychic ability and intuition has increased considerably.

Weird and unusual things are happening here at the moment.

The emotionally stressed horses have calm down now, which enables them to perform in the jimcanas (horse Shows).

How my garden has grown and blossomed since the crystal field.

Many more clients come to see me for healing.

Your crystal field gives out the most amazing golden and violet energies with a ray of unusual colors.

I have found an inner strength like I have never had before.

My property that I battled to sell for a year, is finally sold after 2 month of you installing the field. The funny thing is I got more than I was asking for in the first place.

I have more clarity and awareness, although it has comes with some shocks. I now see some people in my space who are not who they say they are.

The goals that I set, I am now achieving.


The crystal energy field you done at my business has passed all my expectations.

I must admit that it was not all plain sailing, but as you said it is a six month’s process and issues could come up. The hardest issue to deal with was asking a close family member, whom I was constantly quarreling with, to leave my business. As we entered the third month it all started to happen – business orders were coming in from everywhere, especially from new customers. In this one month alone, I made the whole years budget in one year. It is now eight months since the field has been done, unbelievably my business has grown five times larger, to the extend that I had to expand new premises to enable me to warehouse all my stock.

Through this field being done my marriage has improved and my wife and I seem to be getting along much better. Business Man (Randburg)

Health Improvement

I received your questionnaire on Friday, I can’t believe it has been six months since we installed the crystal energy field. Since then I must say that things have improved, I am not using any anti depression medication anymore and I am sleeping a lot better. My finances have improved considerably from what they used to be, which has enabled me to pay off most of my debt . I have even been able to save some money to complete the extensions of my house that I started 3 years ago, which has been on hold for some time now. Keep up the good work and please keep sending me that wonderful positive energy. Love And Peace Gail (Boksburg)

So much has changed

So much has changed since I wore your pendant. My clientele has increased considerably, including my finances. I am much stronger, independent, peaceful and happy with life. My intuition and psychic ability has increased 10 fold. For the first time in my life I am looking forward to a more successful, abundant and peaceful life. Lisa (Psychic Healer)

Tremendous Peace and wholeness

Aat first I did not notice much, but I was lying down earlier and I felt so peaceful, is this possible, I seem to be feeling a sense of wholeness, ease and peace. I just feel so much happier – this is truly wonderful. An idea I have is that every individual is evolving, and this is a process of continual refinement or purification of our personality. What your pendant does is to infuse “Oneness”. To me this is like meditating 24 hours a day and getting benefits. So you can get on with your life, and still reap the rewards of spiritual practice. Spiritual practice is in essence stripping away the layers of stress, and limiting beliefs, which cover up your true self. David (Johannesburg)

Would like to have Pendant As Well

I am I am happy to say that last year I made some truly beautiful changes. I am in a far better and successful space in all respects now and absolutely love going home to my space – the crystals really make me feel protected. I would like to come and see you to get the pendant as well. Marcelle (Bryanston)

 Family Curse Removed

I honestly believe that without the crystal energy field I would not be alive today. Last year was very tough for me. I lost my dad to cancer and some relatives that had committed suicide. As per our discussion we concluded that I might have a family curses on me and you said that I should go and see a friend of yours who could help me. Since I have had the crystal energy field and seen the person you referred me to my life has turned around, my finances and health has improved tremendously. Through my new life my spirituality has accelerated a tremendous rate. I am learning fast through books and workshops and soaking in all this new wonderful information. I know with all this positive things happening to me in my life, my life can only get better and better. Many, many thanks for everything and help me see the light. Deon (Boksburg)

Business Prosperity

Since you installed a crystal energy field at our business, we have had very positive changes. We found that we have a lot more energy than we used to have. Our business finances has increased over the last six months at a steady rate, which I believe will continue to increase. Even our health has improved which is a bonus. In my opinion the crystal energy field is definitely taking our business & life towards a more positive direction. Business (Johannesburg)

From A Negative House To A Healing Center

This was the house before the field – It was negative and dark attracting boarders, some who had major issues such as drug dependencies, lots of anger, frustration and relationship problems. As you know across the road was a witchdoctor who always sitting on the balcony keeping a close dark look on the house, we also suspected that he was selling drugs. When you installed the field chaos erupted like a volcano and the fight was on between light and dark forces. I can for sure say without a doubt that the light forces has won, but not without a fight.

The house now – Has all different new boarders now and get on very well with each other. I have a new co-owner in the house who will bring a great new energy with her. We plan to create it into a healing center.We are also planning the change the park across from the house into a cleaner more user friendly basket ball playground for the underprivileged kids in the area. This as you know was used for a place for the kids to hang out and buy all sorts of drugs. The best news of all is that the witchdoctor across from the house is gone. Kate & Michelle (Troyville)

The Change In My Brother and Myself Is Phenomenal

Since you installed the energy field at our home my brother has become so much more outspoken and positive. I, myself feel so much younger and look younger as well. My healing work with my flower oils has accelerated with much more clients coming to see me. The energy in the house is phenomenal. I see the most beautiful colours in and around our house and our Auras (as you know I can see energies and Auras). I have been involved with spiritual work for the past 40 years and I have to admit that I am very impressed with the quick results of the workings of your energy grid. Phillip (Gifted Healer)

Negative Energy Flowing From Wars

Before you put the crystal energy field in our horse riding therapy school for handicap children, our horses were constantly sick and having accidents resulting in injuries, especially the horses that stayed in a particular stable. My mother and I constantly were having arguments and disagreements on matters of running the riding school. The finances of the riding school was in a terrible slump, due to the fact that we could not find a sponsor to sponsor us and the cost of medical bills for the horses. In fact the whole place was in chaos what ever we tried seem to go wrong.

As you said when you came to put the crystal energy field in, that it was not just our farm that had major negative energy flowing through it, it was the whole area. Later we found out that the area had been used as battle fields during the boer war, which was partly to blame for the negative energy flow on our farm. The turn around has been nothing but amazing since you put the crystal energy field in. The horses are not having accidents or getting sick, which saves us on medical bills. My mother and I get along much better now, surprisingly having no arguments like before.

We finally found a sponsor that raised R27,000.00 for our horse riding school for the handicapped. The fund raiser will now be held every year. It is unbelievable how I have become a magnet to abundance. It seems to be coming to me in all different ways. Also a strange thing happened I have been wanting to finish my English degree but been unable to do it here. About 3 months ago a man who gave me a horse three years ago, because he was immigrating to the UK pitched up at my door out of the blue. So to cut a long story short he phoned me form the UK and invited me to the UK to study and get my English degree with his help. The riding school, horses and employee’s are much more peaceful, which I am very thankful every day. Helen (Doringkuil)

Psychic attack on a Inyanga (level up from Sangoma)

As you know I am a Inyanga (African herb medicine man) your energy field has really help me. My friend brought you to me when I was under psychic attack from a witch doctor, your field protected me and the attacks stopped. But I got more than I bargained for, my herb business has shot up. As you know I have been creating my own secret formula herbs and putting them into pill form. Recently I have been approached by many overseas buyers to purchase some of the herbal pills. I am excited to say that I am selling more herbal medicine than ever. I have notice that the energy from your crystal field also gives the herbs a more powerful boost, resulting in an increase of their potency. I have now bought a second house to run my business from as the house we live in was miles to small accomodate the business as well.

I have also now found the courage to go and do the final Inyanga /sangoma initiation, that I have been putting of for two years now. Through this I will attain the highest level of a Inyanga /Sangoma that there is, so wish me luck and keep up the spiritual work – your Ancestors are proud of you. Rui (Sophiastown)

A very positive and uplifting tool

After the last 7 years of clearing spells, curses haunting and negativity in general, from places, people and circumstances, I have found that the rose quartz crsytal field that you have constructed at our place of healing to be a very positive and uplifting tool to restore the influences of love and harmony in the environment. Being the mineral dedicated to this vibration, and its related healing properties, aligning oneself with this energy allows one to be in a constant flow of this much needed and nurturing influence that in itself is a very powerful deterrent to negativity and has its long term results. Their unique application of rose quartz in creating a “field” I have found to be wonderfully beneficial as it is an ongoing influence in my own circumstances and environment. Phillip (Panacea Healing Center)

The crystal energy Field Has Given Me An Amazing Inner Strength

I would like to say thank you, as I am sure that it is your energy field that has helped me over the last few months. I have learnt an important lesson of saying no and not feeling guilty for doing so and also take time every month just for myself. This energy field has given be great strength to cope with some difficult issues in my life.

The following took place on the 2nd of May: My aunt returned to Durban after spending 5 weeks with me. On the 6th of May: My niece her husband and son emigrated to Australia. She is like a daughter to me and we are very close. On the 17th of May: My very dear old friend of many years was admitted to hospital where she died on June the 16th. I did not look forward to my niece leaving, but as the time for her departure approached I became stronger and when I said goodbye I did not become emotional and fall apart, which is what I feared most .I was very shocked when my friend suffered a stroke and went to hospital and it was tough going visiting her in hospital twice a week. Through all this I was not overly stressed considering I had lost 2 very dear friends within 4 months and then have my niece depart. I can only put it down to your crystal energy field. In July I was given bad news about my brother who lives in Durban, he is not well and I don’t think he will be with us for much longer.

Two nights ago I began to feel stressed while waiting for news about his test results. Trixe my dog, as you know is very attuned to my feelings and above all has done some amazing things and has gone through a complete transformation since we got the field installed. She used to be so active and destructive and would never sit still. As you said there is something very wrong with her as if she was sometimes possessed.

That was confirmed after two days when you laid the field and she ran straight through the french windows and then went outside and collapsed and did not move an inch for 12 hours. After that experiience she has quietened down and become a totally different dog I feel in all a very special angel dog.. Well, Trixe took one of the rose quartz crystals that you laid down on the windowsill, got on the couch and went to sleep on the crystal. After about half an hour, she got off, put the crystal in the middle of the seat where I normally sit and got onto the other couch. I washed up the dishes and thought that I would go and sit down and listen to the news and read a bit of the paper.

I wet to pick up the crystal as I did not want to sit on it, and was going to put it back on the window sill and was amazed to find that the crystal was still very hot and then I realize that she wanted me to hold on to the crystal, which I did. When we were eventually all ready to go to bed I thought let me put the crystal away in it’s place, and could not believe that when I picked it up again it was still warm and comforting. I then decided that it had to come to bed with us. My dog has an uncanny sense of knowing when I need the crystal and will come and put it on my lap at these times.

Another thing that I must tell you – two weeks after my partner died years ago, a wart appeared on my finger from nowhere, I have never had a wart before and have tried numerous remedies to get rid of it and nothing helped, until a week later you laid the energy field the wart disappeared. I don’t feel alone and fear being alone anymore. I am happy and content to just be with my animals at home and to send good thoughts and healing to all there who might be in need. Much love and blessing to you and keep on doing the good work. Petal (Fourways)

Tested By A Chiropractor

I saw my Chiropractor today, as I normally see him often. As he says to me, I should not have to have him make all the adjustments on my body, my body should be able to cope, bBut it doesn’t. When I saw him today, I said to him ‘you will be surprised at how good my back is’. Which he was, as NO vertebrae were out! He said he was very impressed.

I showed him the pendant, and he said he doesn’t like these sort of things. But he does understand about energy and charka’s, so he said he would just check my body in case.

We took off the pendant, and he checked my chakras and found the crown chakra was blocked, put the pendant on and it was no longer blocked. Checked my lymphatic system, which I am always having trouble with, same thing -blocked, but with the pendant on not blocked. Then he checked my artery venus vein, the ones that go from the heart through the groin and to the legs, the right one was blocked but put the pendant on and it was no longer blocked. All this with no vertebrae out of place, he said: “I AM IMPRESSED” a couple of times.

I have also had abdominal pain for 30 years, but since wearnig the pendant, it has stopped I can’t remember the last time my abdoman felt so relaxed, and ‘nice’, for the want of a better word. If I feel this good in 2 weeks, I can’t wait till the end of 6 months! Jacqueline (Australia)

Children Are Very Drawn To It

Since wearing my pendent I feel much more grounded in the here and now. I’m wearing it on my solar plexus and the amazing thing is its protection when I’m in public places as well as working with a group of people. I am not losing any energy; it is as though it creates a protective shield within my Aura. People and especially children are very drawn to it. As if they recognize the sacred geometry. I am sure every person’s experience will be different, but I will most highly recommend wearing the pendent. Trudy (Pretoria)

I Found The Love Of My Life

After working through many negative obstacles I had active in my life, the first 4 months were difficult yet certainly worth it. But Boy oh Boy, did my life turn around so suddenly, thereafter. I requested a wonderful loving man to come into my life. Well ‘wonderful’ just doesn’t describe this miracle. truly an abundance of love, romance, joy and happiness I received so quickly. I have never before experienced amazingly intense speed of manifesting the best relationship with such deep unconditional love like this. We have such a deep soul connection. ONENESS for sure. I have since moved from Gauteng to George to be close to this loving man.

I even found affordable accommodation ‘with a sea view’ within a day of asking. The speed of my move in 2 weeks from deciding to take action was incredible, everything JUST flowed. I have noticed many changes in my life and thought patterns since the first day of wearing the pendant, it truly empowers my Reiki too. During those difficult times I cleared out a health problem which shocked both myself and my Doctor. I cured myself from a second repeated attraction of Bilharzia without any medication. Definitely a life pattern changed forever! Paul, Amanda and Argon thanks for the empowering help and advice during some of those difficult ‘clearing out’ days. It has truly been the best investment I have made for myself. All I can say right now is: “I LOVE LIVING BY THE SEA AND SHARING SO MUCH LOVE WITH THIS NEW MAN IN MY LIFE …. MY LIFE LONG DREAM HAS COME TRUE”.  Tina – (Herolds Bay George)

White Lion Child Relates to Pendant

I took my daughter of 5 years to see you, as she was dreaming of white lions and spoke about them all the time. (See Linda Tuckers Book mysteries of the White Lions) I purchased a pendant for her, which she calls her white lion . When she was asked by her grandmother what the pendant was for she replied “to change the old South Africa into the new South Africa”. Since wearing the pendant she is much calmer, focused and aware -saying amazing things that give me and my husband insight into our lives. The most amazing thing is, when she fell out of the tree onto her head she went into a semi-coma and once she woke up the first thing she asked for was her “white lion”. Saying to me that she has decided to stay here a little bit longer. Michelle (Pretoria)

Health Of The Family Improved

Its been almost two years since you placed the crystal energy field round our place. Recently we had cause to go to the doctor, it was then I realized how much the field has indeed helped our family as Jon our GP was saying he had said to his wife that he must have “peed the Linders off somehow” as we have changed from bi-weekly visits to bi-annual, not bad at all ! and not peeved with our GP for spending too much on medical bills;) Stephanie my eldest daughter has been very healthy, and is also doing very well at school and sports, in fact she manages to do most things she tries with ease and style. I then was thinking that I have been taking the benefit too much for granted, so today I did a quick thanks, and so also to you I add a thanks. Ross Linder (East London)

Changes Have Been Remarkable

I received Paul’s pendant and the changes it has made on my life have been remarkable. I a grade One teacher, a student, Reiki Practitioner and teacher, Clairvoyant, I do intuitive assessments on children, specialize in assisting children with special needs and I do intuitive counseling. I am busy:), and until I received this pendant my daily life was a constant battle to balance the physical with the spiritual in my reality. The pendant does not make it easier as such, if anything it challenged me on a profound and persistent matter to see the needs of my life that i was not balancing. But with this insight, it also gave me the tools, energy and support that I needed to make these changes.

When I say “Support” I mean connecting to the divine in a more conscious manner. My life has improved beyond words:) And I know there is still more to come. In my line of work I am in contact with many people, in particular children and I am amazed sat how many of them request to have a pendant too. It is unusual for a child to make such a request for a piece of jewelry, but many have asked me to get them one, or to wear it fir the day. I also use it in my healing sessions, depending on the patient I will either ask them to hold in their hand, place it on certain parts of their body or put it around their neck.

The nature of my healing’s in terms of the divine experience and the effectiveness of the healing itself has become something more real for myself and my most importantly the patient. In a nutshell, this pendant is an activation – it transcends many aspect of the human and soul experience, connecting and shifting a person to resonations needed to to the work – to walk the path, your path. At the same time it integrates the fine laws of creation, so if you out if integrity (which I experienced first hand:) the activation resonates only truth so there is no hiding or excusing “unlawful” action. It is the most effective tool that I have found so far in assisting with the process of “being ness”. Michelle – Benoni

Hospital – Gauteng

Once Paul did the energy field around the hospital he warned me that there will be many changes and sorting out to be done. Well what can I say, the changes did happen with a big bang. Some staff members left and just the right type of people filled these positions. There is such a calming and peaceful atmosphere around the hospitals and I get comments from everywhere. Turnover has increased, not just in finances but in patients as well. So far we had 3 cases where patients came in with cancer and when the doctor opened them up they found nothing! All I can say is that I am very happy with the changes that are happening at the hospital

Changes in my life

Since purchasing the pendant about 8 months ago, I have become much more at peace with myself. I no longer feel and speak with anger. More pleasant people come into my space. I find that I can meditate easier and manifest things in my life. I have become so much more spiritual and want to learn more and more each day. Once again thank you very much for bringing this pendant into my life.

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