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Rose Quartz Crystals Direct from the Mine

Rough Rose Quartz

Rough Rose Quartz for metaphysical and commercial use

All our rough Rose Quartz Crystals are handled with great care and respected.

Our rough rose quartz are shipped directly from the mine and we only sell per ton. Rough Rose Quartz Crystals are used commonly for energy grids tumble stones, carvings, jewelry, and building labyrinths. If you are interested in metaphysical crystals similar to rough Rose Quartz or powerful spiritual development tools to create a better life please visit our home page.

AA Grade Hand Size 
A Grade Hand Size or bigger  
B Grade Hand Size or bigger  
C Grade Hand Size or bigger  

rough rose quartz Rose Quartz is the stone of love and widely used for metaphysical reasons to bring in harmony and peace for ones well being.

If you would like to order Rose Quartz Crystals by the ton please fill in the form below.

Please Note: We only sell rough Rose Quartz by the ton.
When filling in the form please lets us know how much tons are required, the grade and size and where you would like the rough Rose Quartz shipped to.

We will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible

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