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Info Oneness Pendants


Oneness Pendants Are The Most Powerful Spiritual Awakening & Manifesting Tool In The World.

A Specially Designed Pendant to Achieve all Your Heart Desires.

If you have been reading our website, you would have come to the conclusion that we are spiritual being, consciousness having a physical experience.

Our soul/consciousness is one aspect of a Oneness being, which is you, at a higher vibration.

The soul is experiencing this reality through a persona that you would call Amanda, Paul, James, Marcel, etc. It has come to this reality, to experience a low vibratory experience, whereby it has forgotten who it really is, so that it can experience everything opposite to its true self, Oneness.

Only powerful, adventurous, warrior souls take on this experience, and you are one of them!

The task you have taken on can be a huge challenge and through this demanding experience it is easy for you, the soul, to become lost and entrapped in the vast multi-dimensional matrix and the human experience game, as there are many misleading and distracting paths to the awakening that you desire.

You have virtually become a sleeping GOD with amnesia.

The awakening process, is you as a soul, moving from no awareness and separateness to full awareness and Oneness. This is what the human experience is really about, witnessing a massive transformation from low frequency to high frequency.

This is creation at its utmost profound state.

When you as a soul has fully awakened, you will have successfully transformed the soul back to its original state of being, thus experience a full empowered persona that lives a life of happiness, health, wealth and abundance, accomplishing one of the most difficult experiences in ‘all that is ‘ Oneness.

What does total awakening of the soul mean to you in your life?

It Means.

 checkboxReaching your full potential – Develop wisdom and increase capability.

 checkboxCreate financial freedom – Constant flow of money.

 checkbox Creating your heart desires – Creating a new self-image.

 checkboxDevelop your hidden skills and talent – Increasing efficiency and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

 checkboxFulfill your dreams – Create the freedom to achieve and do what you want.

 checkboxExperience a state of bliss – enjoyment and peace of mind.

 checkboxBecome totally self-aware.

 checkboxManipulate time – creating space to have quality time in your life.

 checkboxReclaim your life – become the true creator of your life.

 checkboxLive in a well-organized and tranquil environment.

 checkboxEnjoy loving relationships – sexual fulfillment and amazing relationships with family and friends.

 checkboxSelf-realization – you have the power to create what is possible for you.

 checkboxRediscover joy in your relationships and life.

 checkboxFeel and discover the powerful inner you.

checkboxReclaim your honour and respect – become popular, feeling admired by your peers.

 checkboxEnergy levels raised to a new high with passion for life.

checkboxRealize of purpose – creative and meaningful work, connection to the Oneness. 

The Oneness Pendant is a perfect tool to reawaken the soul to the truth, thus reclaiming its creative power, whereby it can yet again be the creator of its experiences.

Since I have worn the pendant it took away my niggling back ache. The amazing thing is that the pendants I also bought for my sister and for my friend took away their back ache as well, now that’s bizarre – Kitty JHB


By wearing the Oneness pendant and using the processes in The Secret of Manifestation book, you will transform and start manifesting the life you have always dreamed of.

The pendant makes me feel fantastic.  Alan, Australia

The field and pendant have done nothing but contribute to me and my life in very positive and productive ways. Paul I can honestly say that the crystal field and pendant are the best thing that has ever happened to me! for this I thank you!  With love Mike Texas

The awakening process with the pendant has definitely been a memorable journey. It has taken me through many challenges and changes for the better. The quantum world is weird and I believe nothing is impossible if you apply the information you gave me.  Chantel JHB

If you are interested in our Oneness pendant and the Secret of Manifestation eBook and would like to know how it can assist you in the awakening of your soul.

Please visit our website at

When you purchase the Oneness Pendant, you will receive many free bonuses that will aid you in your transformation back to who you really are, plus we will give you full support for you to attain a life of  happiness, health, wealth and abundance.
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