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What you perceive will be what you receive.

April 29, 2012 0 Comments

What you perceive will be what you receive.

This news letter was supposed to go out last month, but I decided to keep it until the manifestation experiment was finished. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Thank you for all your replies to our last month’s newsletter on Parallel Universes. It gives me great pleasure, when people reply to my newsletters as it shows me that there are many different belief systems that as creators we perceive through. Whilst I am writing my newsletters, I am revealing my beliefs on a computer.

It can never be said that what I am writing or the responses received from other people are right or wrong as everything in the Infinite Multi-verse, just is! No right or wrong, it is all our own unique perception that we as individuals believe in. It is their Truth and from their Truth they download their reality and then experience it.

I have seen this time and time again proven within my own life. What I believed thirteen (13) years ago was alway being reflected back as my world. Thirteen (13) years later I now, believe totally different and my beliefs are reflected completed differently in my world.

I am also aware that the 4 th Law of the Universe being, everything is constantly changing and transforming so therefore my beliefs will probably be different five (5) years from now.

Does that mean that what I believe now, is wrong: No!!! It is just beliefs becoming experiences.

A good friend of mine once said to me, that he cannot believe that all beliefs create your reality, because he has experienced events in his world which are totally against what he believes in.

My reply to him was maybe he does not understand what a belief is. Beliefs are digital informational patterns that we have selected and download into our soul from an ocean of information patterns and our infinite potential oneness being.

These informational belief patterns in our soul are not all conscious; in fact a least 90% of our informational belief patterns are hidden from our conscious mind.

If we use the analogy of an iceberg, the top of the iceberg are beliefs that are conscious to us while the piece of the iceberg under the ocean is the hidden beliefs. When we raise the vibration of the soul you could say that we are turning up the heat in the ocean which causes the part of the iceberg under the ocean to melt and dissolve some of the hidden beliefs.

When this melting and dissolving of hidden beliefs occur, sometimes a frozen chunk of the iceberg breaks off and floats to the top of the ocean to be experience in a conscious state. Otherwise it is manifested as an experience in our life that we are totally conscious of.

When this happens we have to turn up the heat of the sun/our soul and melt and dissolve the creation, if we do not wish to experience it over and over again.

It must be noted that the informational beliefs which are melting and dissolving are the belief informational patterns that can no longer resonate to the new vibration frequency that our souls are transforming into.

This is the awakening process, this is when we have negative beliefs (negative meaning beliefs that are not alignment with who we really are) manifested in our reality to be dissolved and gone forever. Notice I did not say change I said dissolved. I have noticed over the years that changing beliefs is not nearly as effective as dissolving them.

When we dissolve a negative informational belief pattern we feel that the experience and memory that we had of its manifestation in our life seems to be not there, as if it never really happened.

It is no different than deleting a file from the computer. In the event that we delete a file from a computer, and we then proceed to request the computer to search and retrieve the file, the computer will not be able to find the file, therefore, from the computer’s perception the file, never existed. This is how we can transform our soul’s reality by dissolving or deleting all negative informational patterns that are contained within the soul.

Are you ready for a big secret, well here goes; your soul is notinside this physical reality, this physical realty is inside the soul? And it is the informational belief patterns inside the soul that the essence of which you really are, ONENESS BEINGS observes and collapses the informational belief patterns into the world you call physical reality.

The ONENESS BEING, the real you, is a tiny dot of infinite potential of creation, which is located in the centre of a sphere of energy informational patterns that we call the soul. I prefer to call it the soul cell because the soul cell works exactly the same as a human cell. The infinite potential dot is the blue print of the ONE just like the DNA of the cell is the blue print of the human cell.

And one soul cell is one cell of the real you “The More Aware Self” which has infinite soul cells experiencing infinite different realities all at the same time.

The soul cell is like a bubble floating within hyperspace and the information patterns contained in the soul cell determines the reality the dot of infinite potential in the centre experiences. I am one soul cell and you are one soul cell floating in hyperspace. Everything inside your soul cell is you, every person, event, place, object and experience is all you. How can this be? You may say!

What about my wife, friends, family how can they all be me?

You ready to get your brain fried…………

Well here goes!

Your soul cell is just like a human cell if you study Bruce Lipton’s work you will know that the brain of a human cell is on the surface of the cell which is called the membrane. The membrane has thousands of different receivers on its surface to receive information. These bits of information are called peptides.

And each cell has a different receiver for each peptide. If it does not have a receiver it cannot accept the peptide. The soul cell works exactly the same; it has a membrane with aerial receivers to receive different frequencies of information from the collective field of hyperspace. Hyperspace is like an ocean of energy information patterns that are being transmitted and received by infinite soul cells. The information a soul cell receives from the hyperspace field is determined by the type of receivers on its membrane. The type of receivers are constructed by the information inside the soul cell and the information that is inside the soul cell is created from the dot the real you infinite potential.

“Are you with me so far?”

Here goes…………………

Alright –Right now, I am sitting at my computer typing this newsletter inside my house.

In my reality I am aware of my human body, chair, desk, computer, thoughts, emotions and ideas etc. All of these are really informational belief patterns inside my soul that I am observing from the real me the DOT and collapsing it into a physical reality.

So what about my wife at the other desk how can she be here in my soul cell if she has her own soul cell? My wife is a holographic projection from her soul cell to my soul cell that I download into my soul cell via my receivers on my membrane and decode into physical reality. And she has simultaneously downloaded me to her soul cell (by me I mean the character I am playing in my soul cell “Paul”) In order to understand this a bit better we can use the analogy of Skype.

When I talk to someone in the UK on Skype they are not really inside my computer are they? No they are not!

They are sitting in their house projecting themselves through a camera into the worldwide web/hyperspace which I receive and download into my computer that decodes the information on to my screen as a picture.

The soul cell is the same principle but done in a holographic impression in a far more sophisticated manner. Consider watching this video on the new technology call “Tele immersion” and you will get the idea.

The version I download of my wife is determined by the informational patterns that is in my soul cell and this goes the same for everything in my reality.


Bruce Lipton says that the process of the information from the environment entering the human cell via the membrane receiver, unlocks the door of the membrane receiver and enters the cell to cause an experience in the cell, this is called perception.

And this process is the same as the soul cell; it is the perception of the hyperspace from the informational belief patterns inside the soul cell that creates the soul cells reality.

So to change the reality inside the soul cell to a reality that is more aligned with who it really is ONENESS. All it has to do is dissolve the negative informational patterns inside the soul cell and select new informational belief patterns from the dot of infinite potential and its reality will change to a reality that is more in alignment with who it really is.

If we perceive the world as a negative place, then the perception we see of the world is our own negative informational belief patterns.

And if you want to change the world you exist in, you have to dissolve these negative patterns from your soul cell, as there is no outer world, the outer world is all you. That why you cannot save the world or change the world. You can only transform the informational belief patterns inside the soul cell which will raise your vibration of your soul cell therefore your soul cell will download and decode a different version of your world to experience from the hyperspace field.

The old world will still be in hyper space it does not change or go anywhere it will always be there for other soul cells to download and play in.

If you see your world as being controlled by an outer force may it be the illusion, the matrix, the illuminate, your job, money, love, relationships, family, events, governments and people etc. Then this will be the world that will show up in different aspects of your life.

Change your informational belief patterns; perceive a different world and the new world you download and decode will be a reality of the same frequency resonance as the informational belief patterns you have stored in your soul cell. Your new selected world to experience will be a world of infinite love, peace, abundance, wealth, and health.

Today is always a good day to start.

Regards Paul

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